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Artist – Agent welcomes personal introductions to yet to be discovered brilliant artists. Recognition assured.

Artist Agent team really enjoy and appreciate working with brilliant new, largely unknown artists from all over the world. From USA to Africa, UK & Europe and also in Japan & SE Asia, Arabia We recognise the difficulties of being “discovered” and finding buyers. It is such a competitive world. All the more important to have a guiding hand of support.
As an agency for aspiring creative painters we always firstly provide an honest appraisal. If we decide to work with you we do not charge any fees. An agreed performance fee is our method.

Artist Agent knows that yet to be discovered artists are possibly developing their skills in one of several leading Universities & Colleges. Maybe in University of Art, London, Glasgow School of Art. National School of Fine Arts in Paris.
Royal College of Art in London.
RMIR School of Art in Melbourne, Australia.
Many others naturally are self taught working from home in their bedrooms or studios.

A new Banksy or wonderful landscape or seascape artist is just waiting to be discovered. If you are a fine art artist seeking a fine art agent you have just hit upon a doorway to potential success. Naturally assuming that your creative skills are outstanding and will be in demand.
The world can be at your feet from fine art buyers in Europe, fine art buyers in USA, fine art collectors internationally.
The team at Artist Agent are exclusively available to support your ambitions to become a highly desired and collectible artist. With tens of thousands of artists around the world you will probably almost certainly require the guidance we can provide.

We are regarded as one of the premier fine artist agents.
No matter what field one is in, good promotion, sales and marketing are critical to success. Fine artists are no exception.
We aim to focus on your artistic talent being seen and recognised.
Do not hesitate to contact us! We may possibly be your route to success!

Artist-Agent champions and showcases the latest work and talent of outstanding emerging and early career artists.